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Welcome to Jai distributors, we are a professional electrical equipment trading company with an extensive product supply chain which makes us a distributor of choice.

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About Jai Distributors

On a road towards a well powerd world, one appliance at a time

Our aim is to be as convenient to our clients as possible, slashing all delays, all mistakes, all stress and all incompetence. We ensure we do fantastic so you look fantastic.

Trusted Brands

It is our priority to keep our customers happy. We offer the highest quality on all appliances for our customers.


No resistance can drop our potential. We ensure a safe and secure experience with our equipment.

Blazing Performance

Our single most aim is to ensure customer satisfaction. We achieve this by ensuring high level performance in every facet.

Huge Collection

The collection of products we deal with is a testament to our versatility.

On-Time Delivery

We provide a blazing fast delivery adhering to the deadlines.

Powered Support

Our support staff is well trained and always there to respond to your needs.

Easy Installation

Engineered to be an easy process, meant to be used by everyone.

Newest technology

We use the latest up and coming technology, making everything future proof and as efficient as it can ever be.

Attention to details

All the work is monitored on a microscopic level, ensuring everything runs smoothly and no detail is ignored.

Proven worldwide

The work has been flawless worldwide; different guidelines, different clients yet everything is handled well.

Honest pricing

Our pricing is competitive for the quality we provide. It's honest and worth it.


Designed prodcuts for the digital age

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Syska LED

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Tata Sky

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Syska Wires

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What they said

We’re humbled to be working with such a great variety of clients that range from early stage startups to big multinational companies.

Let’s create something extraordinary

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